Winter Interior Design Trends 2019

With temperatures dropping by the minute there’s no doubting that winter is here in full force. As a result, we spend more time inside our homes staying as cozy as possible. During these chilly winter months it’s the perfect time to make sure your home is a place you actually want to spend time in.

Here are our Winter Interior Design tips and trends for 2019!

The Best Materials for Winter –
When you think about the cold weather, you need a warm atmosphere inside to balance things out. What’s warmer than natural wood combined with fluffy blankets and other elements? Natural wood has been making a powerful comeback this winter. This material is gorgeous and brings a sense of warmth no other materials can! You can use it for coffee tables, chairs, cabinetry, floors, and more. The beauty of this material stands in the fact that you can use it for all sorts of things, from furniture to accessories.
To increase the level of warmth in your home, specialists recommend oversized, chunky knitted patterns. They look good in any setting and make the room seem a bit more comfortable. Of course, they’re also perfect to snuggle under and enjoy a good book and a cup of hot tea!
Hot tip: Copper, silver tones, glass and steel also work great with the materials mentioned above. They can be used to highlight the beauty of the wood or as accessories.

Comfy Furniture –
You know those large couches with huge fluffy pillows that your grandmother used to own? Well, they’re back! Of course, the design is adapted to modern times, but the idea of comfort oozes from these pieces of furniture.
The materials used for furniture must be nice to touch and should suggest the idea of fluffiness. Also, utilize rounded shapes, cylinder legs and natural fibers (cotton, bamboo, wool, and so on).

Styles to Follow in Winter –
Shabby Chic
For the romantic at heart, shabby chic interior design can be a travel back in time. This is one of the best styles to work with during the winter because it reminds us of family and joy. It also gives off warmth with soft colours (pink, turquoise, white, light green and beige) and nice flowery decorations.

Scandinavian design promotes a life of simplicity and openness. The combination of white colours and wood furniture is inspired from heavy European winters, where people get warm wearing woolly cardigans and sit around the fireplace, drinking hots. Now, we know this isn’t exactly a scene from Queensland, but we can certainly pull design elements from it to create a comfy and Winter-friendly home.
The style translates to spheres and straight lines while maintaining as much open space as possible, which works so well with open plan living.

Luxe Revival
This style is focused on texture and fabrics that combine in a perfectly luxurious manner. This style uses materials such as brass, velvet and marble, but the entire style takes more of an art deco approach.
To make this look, you’ll need dusty rose colours, elegant chairs and a properly stocked bar cart. Keep in mind, this is definitely not a style to
that promotes simplicity, but it’s perfect for when you want to have your guests over for drinks in a comfy and warm space during Winter.

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