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7 Best Rustic Kitchen Ideas for a Farmhouse Style Look

Rustic kitchens are all the rage. Furniture made from reclaimed wood, an ample supply of natural light and a country-style atmosphere are just some of the hallmarks of this design style. 

Now when you think of a farmhouse, you can almost smell freshly baked bread and coffee brewing on the stovetop. But there’s more to a farmhouse kitchen than just a cozy atmosphere. Farmhouses have a lot of character and this is what makes them so unique. 

From antique-inspired sinks to DIY-friendly furniture pieces, these rustic kitchen ideas will help you create a farmhouse look that reflects your personality and taste for creativity. They’re perfect for the modern family who values their time together in the kitchen over anything else. 

And because they’re so aesthetically pleasing, they have become the kitchen style du jour. To get started on your dream farmhouse style look, here are seven tips.

Try Weathered White Kitchen Cabinets 

If your kitchen’s theme is all wood, rustic white kitchen cabinets are the superb match in evening out the wood throughout the whole area. To get the perfect rustic feel, you can add oil-rubbed bronze hardware and a beadboard island. You can do stained wood as well to add the rustic finishing touches.

Incorporate Industrial Style 

Rustic doesn’t have to be old or too vintage. You can add a more structured style when you mix it with industrial design. By incorporating the smooth industrial looks of iron with the roughness of the rustic elements, the mix would be an explosion of structure and time.

Do a Walnut Finish

If you’re into traditional interior design, then it’s best to add a walnut finish into the rustic theme of your kitchen cabinets. Walnut goes with all kinds of woodwork but what sets it apart from others is its natural red-brown woods that goes well with the rustic theme. To finish your rustic kitchen off, you can add a white countertop to have a complementary effect.

Add Granite Countertops

When your kitchen cabinets look rustic, they would not pop as much if you wouldn’t pair them with the perfect countertop. One way of doing this is to even out the whole kitchen style with granite countertops.

Go Full Farmhouse Look

If you love the overall farmhouse look, then you’ll definitely love it even more by adding a country feel using rustic cabinets and woodworks. You can also add vintage teapots and cups, copper pots and pans and even wooden cutting boards for a rustic kitchen theme.

Combine Modern and Rustic Styles

You can do a mix of the present and the past by pairing modern styles with the rustic look. Achieve this by adding rustic woodworks, such as reclaimed wood stove hood and beadboard island to the clean and white cabinets for a modern-rustic feel.

Elevate Streamlined Stains

When you see a traditional rustic-theme kitchen, you’ll definitely find streamlined styles, which have the same colour of stain and type of wood styled on the lower and upper kitchen cabinet doors. 

If you want to have a full rustic style, you can streamline beyond the cabinets, into the ceilings beams and finally into the window frames. This is a must-do for you if you like to see similarity and symmetry.


If your kitchen needs some country charm without the hassle (and expense) of renovating your entire space, consider adding elements from rustic style into your existing layout. This includes the various accents and pieces of furniture that will go along with it. If this is something that you can’t do by yourself, then you can always hire professionals who specialise in designing these types of spaces. 

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