Tips for Winter Cooking Inspiration


Don’t lose motivation in the kitchen this Winter, as your health will suffer! The colder months are actually a perfect opportunity to spend more time cooking up a storm and trying out new nourishing meals because you’re spending more time indoors anyway.
Here are some tips for Winter meal inspiration that will keep you motivated and inspired to stay healthy…

Shop at your local farmers markets

  • Cheaper
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Supporting your local economy and farmers
  • Eat seasonally
  • Safer foods
  • Fresher produce
  • Great variety
  • Better taste
  • And it’s HEALTHY!

Find out which markets are on in your area to do your weekly product haul and you will immediately feel inspired to cook healthy meals in your kitchen as the variety is fantastic! It’s also a great excuse to get you out of bed on a weekend morning and get moving.

Adapt your cooking for the cooler weather
When the weather is colder, our bodies often prefer more warming, cooked meals as opposed to the abundance of raw salads and fresh fruit we generally crave during summer. So swaps those smoothie bowls and salads for hearty, warming porridge bowls with stewed fruit, lentil soups and veggie-packed stews.

There are so many benefits to adjusting your eating-style to the seasons, from improved digestion, stronger immunity and greater vitality, which have long been taught by Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. So not only do these wholesome and hearty dishes taste amazing and keep you warm from the inside, but your body will thank you!

Find a handful of new recipes to try
Winter is the perfect time to find some new and exciting recipes to try out! Pinterest is always a great place to start! Or, scan your bookshelf for your old favourite recipe books.

Why not try out new flavour combinations and different cuisines. How about an Indian veggie curry, homemade pasta with a slow-cooked tomato sauce or Greek-style stuffed capsicums? Trying out new recipes is such a great way to prevent boredom around food, plus you get to master some new skills in the process and enjoy delicious (and warm!) home cooked meal in the end.

Hold a potluck with friends
Get together with friends and ask everyone to bring a home-cooked dish to share! This is such a great way to catch up with friends and stay social and connected during winter, as well as to try out new dishes you might not usually cook yourself. You’ll find new cooking inspiration and exchange recipes with friends.

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