Stay Organised And Add Space To Your Kitchen

Chances are you are one of two types of people in your kitchen. You either use your kitchen a lot because you love to cook and eat. Or you might use it not so often but do entertain a lot, and everyone always seems to congregate into the kitchen. No matter what type of person you are, you can probably agree that staying organised and adding extra space to your kitchen is an important aspect.

Even if you have a big kitchen already, having stuff just stashed in corners and on the counters doesn’t exactly create the best look in the world. This is why people look into ways to organise their kitchens and add space. Except instead of building outwards, you are utilising the space you already have, in a functional way, while hiding it behind the stuff you already have. 


Let me explain. Did you know that there are storage systems that you can put into your cabinets to create more space to store stuff?

You can! These storage solutions allow you to use the space you already have to create a more aesthetically pleasing and organised kitchen. The problem is that you might not know what options to choose, which this blog will help you with.

Cabinet Dividers

These are cool if you have a few different cutting boards. Most people who cook daily in a kitchen do. They have a vegetable cutting board, a chicken cutting board, and an “everything else” cutting board. With how these are shaped and how chunky they can get, putting them in a cabinet can make you lose out on a lot of much-needed space. Your Sunshine Coast cabinet maker can build a cabinet divider and place it right into your cabinet with slots for your cutting boards. It makes just enough room for those boards and doesn’t waste space.

Pull Out Pantries

These are nice if you have a nice kitchen but don’t have enough room for all your spices and cooking ingredients. It utilises a pull-out design that is placed in the kitchen between your other cabinets. It can have 1, 2, 3, or even more sections. This way, you will have a nicely organised place that is out of the way and can be slid back into place. You can add all your spices, your oils, bottles of vinegar, liquids, and more into the pull-out pantry.

Display Racks

Open shelving is trending once again. This also means that display racks are in as well. Display racks can be made from wire, wood, metal, or just about any other material. These display racks are an open design, usually with a bottom and sometimes with partial sides. They allow you to store items in them and put them out on shelves or your counters. 

The design is nice enough to flowwell with your kitchen, and it’s functional and will help you stay organised.

Pantry Storage Solutions

This works well for people with a separate room, called a pantry, in their kitchen. If you have purchased a home with a pantry room, you might have been hesitant about how to organise it. A pantry storage solution would allow a cabinet maker to make a “base” for you, which might include some extra cabinet space and all these little sections for shelves that would allow you to store food items on it. Depending on your style, you can choose several options, such as cabinet finish and style. You can also choose the cabinet width and height to create the perfect storage area.

Revolving Corner Columns

These are also really nice because they aren’t just for spices or cookbooks or even cutting boards, but for something we all tend to have issues with – pots and pans. Pots and pans take up the most space, and they always seem to end up in disarray no matter how hard you try to keep them organised. It doesn’t help that pots and pans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It’s always hard to figure out where to put them! 

A revolving corner column is an excellent idea because it utilises space in a corner, which you probably don’t use anyway. 

Since it’s a column, it’s pretty high and uses tiered wire shelving to keep all of your pots and pans organised. You can even have one shelf rack dedicated to only lids.

Even better, you can ask your cabinet maker to either make this an open design or if you want to make sure it’s hidden, you can ask them to create a panel for it. At first glance; closed, it looks like a regular cabinet, but if you push on it, it revolves around and reveals the racks!

Likewise, there are other options available to you if you don’t have room for a giant 4 tier revolving solution. You can also incorporate this into weirdly shaped cabinets that you hardly use, corner cabinets below your counters, cabinets that are too deep to put anything into, etc. In other words, if you have cabinet space already but don’t use it or don’t know how to use it, a revolving solution would work best for you.

Dish Washing Solutions

When you do your dishes – whether by hand or by way of the dishwasher, you probably have items like dish soap, dishwasher soap, towels, scrub brushes, etc. These can be awkwardly shaped and can be strewn all over a cabinet if you aren’t careful. This can also waste a lot of space. A better option is to get a side-mounted rollout for all these items. You can have a rail for tea towels and a wire shelf below it to organise all of your dishwashing tools and supplies. These also come in varying finishes, styles, and widths so you can utilise your space properly, all while staying organised!