A Spectacular Makeover With A Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is one of the easiest and quickest ways to upgrade and renew your kitchen.  This one only took about a week to complete to create a fresh new look from start to finish.

The kitchen started with a terracotta tiled floor and a very closed-off kitchen plan.  The design was created in the 1990s, and within a few years, it was outdated.  

The biggest problem was that the homeowner wanted a renewal and didn’t want to break the bank.  With some quick thinking, designing, and planning, the team created a design that would make the homeowner happy, completely update the kitchen, and create a fresher trendier look.

What Changed and What Stayed The Same?

The very first thing to go was the cabinets.  Not only was the colour changed to a lighter, cleaner colour, but the cabinet style also changed from plain cabinets to shaker-style cabinets.  These cabinets add a lot of personality to a kitchen with their grooved edges and ornate hardware.

The paint colour stayed about the same – a neutral colour, but it was painted over to brighten the paint and make it look brand new.

The bar seating area and the tall wall surrounding that area were also removed.  This allowed for a more open floor plan that worked well for this kitchen since it was on a smaller side and only had 1 window to allow natural light.  To replace that, we added an island bench.  This not only offers a place to prepare food but a place to sit and added storage underneath.


Another significant change in the kitchen is the flooring.  Where the original terra cotta tiles were, a new floor has been placed – vinyl flooring, which has a wood look to it.  This allowed the homeowner to get their home back quicker – no jackhammering to get the old flooring up. It also cost less than getting the old flooring up and replacing it with vinyl.  

Vinyl is also an insanely popular type of flooring because you can choose the perfect style for your kitchen. It’s functional, comfortable underfoot, and easy to install.

How Did All This Happen?

If you are like most people, sketches and a plan beforehand are imperative.  People want to see what the kitchen will look like, and it also allows the homeowner to put in their opinion if there is something they like or want to be added to the kitchen renovation.  

Our team uses Mitch, who creates a 3d design and sketch before anything is removed from the kitchen.  This allows you, the owner, to see what will change and what will stay the same and will give you a visual image to look at.

Why Is A Renovation Important?

Besides the apparent fact that change is sometimes needed, kitchen renovations can also boost your home’s value.  For this specific kitchen, the kitchen renovation alone cost $30,000 but increased the value to $175,000.  That’s a pretty good return on investment!