Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Checkout the kitchen design trends that will be most popular in 2019… 

The Anti-Kitchen Trend
Kitchens looked decidedly un-kitcheny this year, with cabinets so stylish it was easy to forget they were designed for storage, appliances so sleek they disappeared before our eyes, and so many touchable textures we thought we were in the living or dining room. In 2019, there will be increasing opportunity to hide parts of the kitchen through creating concealed work areas. Open storage that blurs the line between kitchen and living space will also still be on trend.

Black Kitchens are Back
This year and beyond will see the all-white kitchen take a back seat to dark, dramatic shades of black, punctuated by moody greys and light khaki. Black has the power to make any space look instantly sleeker and more modern. It’s just a bonus that they hide scuff marks and dirt!
Not ready to commit to a full-colour renovation? Go smaller scale – and reversible – by:

Changing the colour of your seating
Painting a dramatic feature wall
Adding an artwork
Changing the light fittings

Sustainability or “Wellness” Kitchens
2018 was all about raising awareness for today’s most pressing environmental issues, and 2019 will see homeowners integrating more sustainability options into their homes. Kitchen design will be about renewable energy sources, and sustainably made building materials. Designers and engineers will also create ways to reduce waste by improving food storage – keeping food fresher for longer without the use of plastic. Sustainable and wellness kitchens in 2019 will also feature herb gardens within the design, with photo LED lighting for growing these herbs. There will also be a big move towards cleaner kitchen air with lots of brands releasing new and improved extractor hoods. After all, it’s only by preserving the health of our planet that we’ll get to enjoy our homes for many years to come.

Tech Gadgets
Tech-heads will be excited to hear that all sorts of gadgets are going to make their way into kitchen design in 2019. Appliances will be integrated into work surfaces. So rather than seeing the stove top, for example, each hotplate will be built directly into the counter top. It makes for a kitchen that feels less clunky. It’s all about creating a zone that feels seamless and streamlined. LED lighting will become more prevalent as well, while moving benchtops will eventually become a reality as well.

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