Add a Pop of Colour to Your Kitchen

Have you been wanting to add a pop of colour to your kitchen but never know how to do so without making the space look too crowded?

We’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to add a splash of colour to your kitchen without having to do a full renovation!

  1. Coloured appliances – Subtly introducing colour into your kitchen for the first time can look very effective with appliances. For instance, a fridge. Or match your kettle, toaster and microwave.
  2. Lights/ Pendants – Light features above your island or breakfast bench is a great way to add colour. Colour pops especially well under the light.
  3. Stools – Add a splash of colour to your breakfast bench with coloured stools. You could use block coloured stools or stools with contrast in the legs or seats will give your kitchen an updated look with just the seating.
  4. Blinds – If your home is on the beach or you live in a coastal area, adding colour to your kitchen with your blinds is a great idea to introduce colour and match a beachy theme for your space.
  5. Decor – One of the best ways to introduce a pop of colour into your kitchen is with the decor you include in your space. From tea towels, fruit bowls, chopping boards, dining ware, utensils and more. You can create a full-on colour story with the kitchen accessories you use.

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