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Before You Get an Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Things to Consider

Committing to your outdoor spaces’ look can be a difficult decision, especially since it’s much easier to hide imperfections with interior renovations. For example, remodelling a bathroom can have slight mistakes, but imperfections with an outdoor kitchen will be more pronounced. Before considering the idea of a structural treatment to your home’s exteriors, you must first consider if it’s worth the trouble.

Should You Get an Outdoor Kitchen?

Almost every Australian home has a barbecue in its yard, making it a great place to share stories, relax, and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. However, not all homes have the space to go for something more luxurious like a full kitchen.

While an outdoor kitchen may seem like a great investment, it’s a heavy commitment with some demanding requirements. Unlike patios or gardens, you’ll need to rig energy sources, plumbing, and other considerations for a fully functioning kitchen. Since it will be a costly endeavour, you need to confirm if it’s better to stick with a reliable portable BBQ grill.

In this article, we’ll share four things you should consider before you build an outdoor kitchen.

1. Space

The first thing you need to consider with an outdoor kitchen is the property of your lot. Many homeowners underestimate the amount of space it takes to install kitchen fixtures outdoors. Additionally, you’ll need to install necessary structures to protect it from environmental damage. If your yard can’t account for a stove and other necessities, you should stick to a portable BBQ grill.

2. Budget

If you do have the space to build amenities and structures for your outdoors, it’s time to project how much money you’re willing to spend for it. Besides the actual stove itself, you also need to consider levelling the ground or installing pavement to your lot. Additionally, you may want to extend your roofing to a terrace. All these materials will add up to your material and labour expenses, so be sure to set a price ceiling to avoid going beyond your budget.

3. Practicality

When drafting your outdoor kitchen’s layout, you need to look for places to cut corners. In some cases, it’s better to build an outdoor kitchen separate from your house. Doing so will retain your patio space while still giving you a large enough area for your picnics and barbeques. Consider these variations in layout and see which one is most practical for your purposes.

4. Longevity

Before finally deciding if an outdoor kitchen is viable for your home, you should consider how long you plan to keep it as your place of residence. Many homeowners perform numerous renovations on properties they won’t even stay in for more than ten years. This makes expensive treatments a much greater loss due to the project’s overall cost.

While an outdoor kitchen may be a great investment for a newly purchased home, it may not have as much value if you plan to relocate in the next few years. This is because your choice of appliances will be outdated if you opt to sell your home soon. You’ll want to find the proper timing that gives you the chance to use it most or provides the best value for a potential homebuyer.


If you’ve pondered over the considerations above, you can proceed with your project without any worries. Deciding to get an outdoor kitchen is a bold move and one you should maximise at all costs. Since it’s not a simple addition to your home, it’s best to look for experienced professionals to oversee its construction.

If you need help furnishing your kitchen renovation, we’re the right team to call. We can bring your dream of an outdoor kitchen into a reality with our years of industry experience. Request a free consultation today!