Top 3 Things to Remember When Shopping for Bathroom Cabinets

Storage plays an important role in bathroom design. It adds to the aesthetic of the area and provides a practical way to keep clutter away. With any new bathroom renovation project, you need to have good storage design. Only then can you truly enjoy the beauty of your new bathroom. 

There are many considerations when it comes to finalising bathroom storage cabinets. You have to be mindful of their capacity, style, shape, and price range. Since they will be placed inside a moist room, you have to consider the material and choose a durable one that can withstand potential spills. 

If this is your first time looking for the perfect cabinet that fits your style and needs, you can use this article as your guide. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you finalise your storage cabinets:

1. Decide on the Theme

Nowadays, every room comes with a theme. Before shopping for cabinets, finalise how you want your bathroom to look. Instead of getting cabinets, did you know that there are now many designs and styles you can choose from? 

There are cabinets with glass doors that also act as mirrors, and there are also flat style cabinets that are perfect for modern or contemporary styles. If you prefer a chic look, a beadboard cabinet would also be a great choice. Other than the style, part of the decision you have to make is the cabinet finish you want. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from solid timber, timber veneer, flat panel 2pak, routered panel 2pak, melamine, acrylic or ribbed finish.

2. Measure the Available Space

Besides the look, you have to ensure that your bathroom cabinets fit the space in your bathroom. It should not eat up the area, be too bulky, or be too small to accommodate all your bathroom essentials. Grab your measuring tool and check the cabinet size your room can accommodate. That way, finding the right one would be easier. 

In general, if you have wide enough space in your bathroom, a standing cabinet would be a good choice. On the other hand, if you have a small space, a wall-hung cabinet might be best. 

3. Make It Accessible

The location matters in cabinets too. Where would you place this vital part of your bathroom lifestyle? Homeowners usually place their cabinets by the bathroom sink. Since people need to store their beauty products, being easy to reach makes your cabinet more useful. 

When you open your cabinet, it should be able to hold everything you need. If your cabinet cannot do that, do not bother renovating it at all. 


Do not let your expense for a bathroom renovation be put to waste. Make sure that the features you place in it are all according to your vision and needs. You should have an aesthetically pleasing bathroom cabinet that can accommodate all of your bathroom needs. More importantly, it should be durable enough to resist moisture and spills. Remember that quality, size, style, design, material, and place of installation are all crucial to how your bathroom looks. 

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