Smart Storage Solutions for Your Laundry


The laundry is a functional spot in the house that’s used every day, particularly if you’re doing laundry for a big or busy family. You’ll want a storage set-up and solution  that helps prevent clutter from building up and allows you to find essentials. We’ve put together some smart storage solutions and ideas that will organise your laundry and give everything a place!

1. Cupboards

Cupboards are the perfect spot to store folded towels, linen and extra cleaning products. You can set a bank of cupboards low or high, or run large cupboards along the room length from floor to ceiling.

Helpful hints –

  • Label cupboard doors or interior shelves so that it’s easy for every member of the family to put things back where they belong.
  • Flexible shelving is a good idea as it will allow you to set shelves at the right heights for you.

2. Wall-mounted pigeon holes

Installing pigeon holes above your sink will give you plenty of space to store and organise your cleaning and laundry products, while keeping everything within easy reach for you and off ground level for youngsters.

Helpful hints –

  • Pigeon holes are the ideal size/shape to stack plastic tubs or have wicker baskets inside them.
  • Good place to store car cleaning products, shoe cleaning products or extra washing powder.
  • If you prefer to keep your laundry-stored items out of sight, attaching doors to the pigeon holes can be a good idea.

3. Pull-out clothing baskets

Transform your laundry cabinets into functional storage with a stainless steel pull out laundry hamper/basket. You’ll free up precious floor space, and it’s perfect for keeping dirty laundry out of sight. Work around tricky laundry sinks and plumbing with products that make the best use of space. Laundry hampers can be fitted into many different cabinets sizes to make fast work of clothes piles.

Helpful hints –

  • If you’ve got the space, consider installing two drawer hampers side by side, one for whites and one for colours.

4. Install a hanging rail

A hanging rail can be one of the most useful additions to your laundry to hang wet or ironed clothes. It is a good use of space to get clothing racks off the ground and free up more space.

Helpful hint –

  • A wall-to-wall style is ideal, but if that’s not an option in your laundry, consider an upside-down style that can be mounted under shelves or wall cupboards.
  • Or, consider a space-savvy, ceiling-mounted clothes airer.

5. Choose stack-able machines

Rather than having your machines side by side, save valuable floor space by stacking them on top of each other.

Helpful hint –

  • You can then use the extra space for storage, such as a pull-out hamper drawer or additional cupboards.

We design custom laundry cabinets and laundry wall cabinets to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether  you prefer a traditional look or you’re after something a little more modern, our professional laundry cabinet makers can design and install your dream laundry, with great cupboard organisation.

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