Try These Design Trends to Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinetry

As you’ve probably realised by now, being a homeowner in the Sunshine Coast is one of the best experiences life has to offer. 

With beautiful beaches within walking distance and amazing sunshine all year round, it’s no secret that living anywhere in Australia always leaves one with something to look forward to. However, many of the things that you can enjoy in one of the best countries to set base in aren’t only found in the form of amenities and activities but in your actual home as well.

Thanks to Australia’s geographical position and its booming residential construction sector, homes are a lot more attractive and even more invigorating to live in than those in other countries. From the way the sunlight shines through the windows to luscious greenery, there’s much to relish and take in just by waking up every morning—an absolute dream, isn’t it?

Now that you’ve been living in your home for quite some time now, you’re definitely familiar with what you love about it and why it’s so special. However, there will come a time when little flaws and “must-improves” begin to show themselves and bear the need for some form of renovation in one way or another. 

Whether you’re looking to repaint the exterior of your house or build a new entertainment room, there are all sorts of opportunities for improvement to capitalise on. Among all the different kinds of ideas that one can work with to take their humble abode to the next level, however, there’s one that never fails in terms of the difference it makes: revamped kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen Cabinetry Design Trends To Work with for Your Renovation

Here’s something you need to know about your kitchen cabinetry: it’s a whole lot more than a fixture for you to put your plates, pans and utensils in.

When built and designed right, these critical cooking fixtures can significantly improve the way a kitchen looks, feels and works, thanks to its visual dominance in such a space. Considering that there’s so much room to explore when redesigning your cabinetry, however, it can be quite confusing to choose the path that you’ll take. 

But these design trends will definitely help you understand what you’d like your next assortment of storage spaces to look like: 


Kitchen cabinetry no longer needs to be a mere assembly of doors, handles and shelves that open and close—we’re in a day and age of kitchen design where fixtures can also glide, swivel, lock and move entirely. 

Today, modular kitchen cabinetry assemblies have become a dominant force in the industry because of how well they deliver both form and function for any kind of kitchen. With the help of this design trend, you’ll be able to give your kitchen a clean, minimalist look that is as timeless as it is practical while achieving a much better workflow when you cook and prepare. 

Open Shelving

Another trend worth considering when redesigning your kitchen cabinetry is open shelving.

Although it’s not necessarily the newest development of the bunch, the use of open spaces creates a sort of “cutting-edge” style that helps elevate the way a kitchen looks and works. If your cooking area has always felt like a tight space visually and physically, this design trend can help you create more room and introduce a lighter and more airy feel as well! 

Colour Customisation

Life is too short to have plain-looking kitchen cabinetry.

Like a slap to the face of cookie-cutter storage solution designs, colour customisation is a design approach that imbues any kitchen with a more pronounced personality that’s unique to a home and its owner. Once you start putting a more creative array of colours to good use in a systematic or asymmetrical (or even abstract) manner, you can transform your kitchen cabinetry with ease!


If you want to transform your home and truly make it your own, you can never go wrong with a kitchen cabinetry revamp—especially when you use the right design trends to your advantage. Through the help of the trends mentioned above (and the many others you’ll come across as you do your research), you’ll be able to transform the busiest space in your home!

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