Typically you’d think timber would be a ‘no no’ for bathrooms because of water and wetness, however it’s quite the opposite. If timber is properly protected by the right treatments and sealers, nothing can come close to the natural beauty and versatility of timber.


How to incorporate timber into your bathroom:

  1. Wooden cabinets and shelving – One of the most popular ways to incorporate timber in bathrooms is through cabinets and shelving, which brings a touch of colour and texture to the space.
  2. Wooden counter tops – As the focal point of many bathrooms, countertops can set the tone for the entire space. However, did you know that you could get countertops made from timber? Timber is extremely versatile material that can blend into any style or design – highlighting the value of using it for countertops. Picture a smooth ceramic basin with shiny fixtures, surrounded by a rich, textured wood countertop. The contrast can be striking and offer that point of difference in your bathroom design. Get creative by using larger pieces of timber to act as longer countertops or reclaimed timber to support the environment.

Other ways to incorporate timber:

  • Timber bathtub
  • Timber flooring
  • Timber ceiling
  • Timber detailing in the trims and accessories

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