Bathroom Design Trends for 2019


As 2018 is coming to an end, the 2019 trend reporting for home designs are gracing us. We’ve compiled a list of the best bathroom trends to follow in 2019.

Trend 1: Accessorising your space
In 2019, the trend is to style your bathroom as you would your lounge and living areas. Start to explore the bathroom as an extension of your living spaces and add your own personal touches and features. Keep brighter colours for Spring and Summer and exchange for deeper, richer colors in Autumn and Winter. Bathrooms are certainly no longer the bare “wet” spaces that they were in the past! Utilise practical decorative items to enhance everyday functionality.

Accessorising suggestions:

  • A tray for your perfume
  • A rug on the floor space near the bathtub
  • A piece of artwork on the wall

Trend 2: Greenery

Indoor plants have made a return to the house, and bathroom, in a big way. On trend interior design, uses indoor plants and greenery everywhere! Plants have an instant impact and can really give your bathroom a resort-like feel in an instant. Bang-for-buck; they’re a winner because you can pick up a lush indoor plant for under $50 and really make your bathroom look and feel like a personal sanctuary in a flash. For a smaller bathroom space, consider a petite-sized plant nestling in a stand-out pot.

Trend 3: Coloured basins
White basins will be swapped with the coloured variety. It’s like the bathroom trends from the 70’s will make a complete revival in 2019. Dusty pink and all shades of blue and green will be embraced when choosing the vanity basin.

Trend 4: Natural materials
Natural materials have been a key trend in bathroom interiors, and this will also be the case in 2019. Marble is here to stay and will be used on walls and vanities. Timber will still be popular, but coloured marble with a strong vein will be a widespread choice.

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