5 Ways to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Kitchen


Winter’s over and Spring is here! Does your house need that yearly Spring clean? Why not start with the kitchen?! We’ve compiled an easy-to-follow guide of how to add a touch of Spring to your kitchen…

How to add touches of Spring to your kitchen:

  • Buy some flowers and place them in a vase on your kitchen bench
  • Focus on the details and add some Spring themed tea-towels, table-cloths or decor
  • Add a fruit basket to your kitchen bench and fill it with seasonal fruit for everyone to enjoy
  • Add greenery to your kitchen with pot plants or hanging plants  
  • Add a piece of artwork to your kitchen

How to Spring Clean your kitchen:

  • Give your fridge the ultimate clean (both inside and out)
  • Throw out any expired food in your pantry and reorganise
  • Wash your bin
  • Get rid of clutter and rubbish
  • Clean glass fronts  
  • Dust ceiling, wash walls and cupboard fronts
  • Deep clean the stove top, oven and dishwasher
  • Wipe down appliances  
  • Clean the sink

How to make a Spring statement in your kitchen:

Adding Colour

Spring is all about new life and the burst of spring colours so why not make a statement and change the colour of one of your walls? Not only will this add your own personal touch to your room, but it will help you to create a fresh, spring atmosphere within your kitchen. If you want to be bold and brave, try bright colours such as teal, yellow, or bright pink. On the other hand, if you want to be a bit more subtle, go for soft, pastel tones such as baby blues, greens, and even yellows. Pastel yellows are perfect for adding a touch of spring to your room without being too overbearing on the eye.

Upgrade the Breakfast Bench

If you’re looking to brighten up the appearance of your kitchen and make it appear a bit more lively, then starting with making a few small changes to your kitchen island can help a great deal. If your bar stools are looking a bit worn and tired, maybe it’s time to think about turning them in for some new ones. To illuminate the look of your kitchen island, consider using white bar stools to clean up the feel of your kitchen and incorporate a touch of light into your room.

Look Cabinets can help you update your kitchen for Spring on a budget that suits you. And if you want your new kitchen in time for Christmas, our projects average between 4-6 weeks so your dream design may be finished in time for all of your Christmas entertaining! Call us today on (07) 5472 7946 for a free quote or to discuss your kitchen vision.