5 Secrets of People Who Always Have a Tidy Kitchen

Ever wonder how people seem to have immaculately clean kitchens all the time, especially with kids? Even when you pop over for a quick cup of tea are their kitchens always spotless, with shiney counter cops, floors you could eat off and everything in its place?

In this blog we will show you all of the things people do to keep their kitchens so neat and tidy…

1. Continuously clean – the neatest homeowners know that a little bit of daily sprucing up goes a long way, make an effort to return items to the pantry, take out the recycling, sweep the floors, and clean up spills as they happen. Cleaning as you work and cook will save dirty build up also.

2. Keep the sink empty – never go to bed with dishes in the sink. Before you know it, one dish turns into 5. And if you have a dishwasher, load it up and begin the cycle before bed or if you’ve got a clean load in the dishwasher, pack it all away before you go to bed.

3. Streamline your utensils and kitchen equipment – decrease your clutter by streamlining your tools, pans, small appliances etc only to what you use everyday. There’s no need for a 16 piece pots and pan set if you only use 4 of those, or 5 pairs of tongs when you only need 1. 

4. Store things out of sight – If you’re in the pursuit of a clean and clutter-free kitchen space, opt for storing everything away in your cabinets and pantry. Only keep the necessities on your bench like your coffee maker. The more you can hide away, the cleaner your kitchen will look on a daily basis. Handy hint – don’t just shove everything into the first cabinet you open – put things away purposefully!

5. Daily Sweep – maintaining your kitchen floors on a daily basis with a quick sweep everytime food is prepared, will make the vacuum and mop task a lot easier for you, as well as keep the floors look fresh and clean.

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